I really apologize for my spotiness lately when it comes to the blog. Things have been whirring around me and I haven’t felt like I could gain a moment of spare time. (Just who am I writing to out there? Probably hardly anyone, but helloooooo!)

Sometimes I feel like I really don’t have any excuse at all for not posting more often – I don’t have kids, I’m not in school currently – I don’t have any of those fundamentally busy-making things on my agenda. My only excuses are that I work full time, commute two hours a day, and that I am always actively seeking things to do that don’t involve sitting around the apartment.

However, recently I’ve come to the realization that it’s not the amount of money I’m making, or the grandness of my job title – it’s about how relaxed and contented I feel when I get home. And right now, I’m not feeling either of those two things. I need at least 2 hours to wind down from my tension, and by that time I’m firmly entrenched in the sofa and 30 Rock is about to come on.

So many things have been happening, and so many thoughts have been inside my head that I’m feeling stretched really thin. I feel like it’s time that I stop going out, stop seeking new things, and just take stock of what I have. That doesn’t mean that I’ll stop full-stop, just that I’ll be setting more time at home for me, instead of being the person who says yes to everything. I’m definitely that person who is up for just about anything, and being that yes person is supposed to be great. But it also means that whatever pops into my head as a great idea, I need to do immediately. And when I’m invited to something, I always, ALWAYS make time to go, because – if I don’t – what if I regret it?

Just imagine if I was single and what a gong show I’d be. I’d be one of those girls who thinks she’ll meet Mr. Right around every corner. Thank god for P!

Anyway, expect more from me. I might change the format up a little bit too, not sticking strictly to my categories.