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I saw the apartment of designer Caitlin Wilson on Design Sponge last week and I can’t get enough of it. She does not shy away from colour, but uses it all against a neutral background – perfect!

I love the accents of bright pink in the room above, as well as the bamboo and brass accent tables with marble tops – that is exactly what I’ve been searching for for our place.

I love the neutral but interesting butterfly pattern above. It really doesn’t limit the colour scheme but adds a lot of interest. The table is really classic but the bold rug and curtains and the lucite chairs make it more modern and preppy. I like how everything isn’t matchy-matchy in this room, but still plays off the wallpaper. THe drapes play off the light turquoise in the butterfly wings, the lamp shades echoe the off-beige colour of the wallpaper and the area rug plays off the colours on the lamp.

Everything is against a backdrop of white here, but there are punches of bright pink again, which ties it all together.

Love these two pictures of the work room. The gold tables bring just the right element of sparkle, and assortment of pillows doesn’t apologize for only matching because of their geometric prints.

I really like the gold tray with the mirror bottom – I have a silver tray, maybe I should paint it gold instead and get a piece of mirror cut for inside. Then I might actually like it!

The side table in this shot is a hack from IKEA – love the knobs and the shiny neutral paint job. Hehe – looks like they accessorized the side table with the same tray, flowers and bottles as the picture above! Secrets to styling success – reuse your best items? I love the headboard, but is it too limiting on the colour pallette? Probably not if you know you’ll stick to pinks and reds for the foreseeable future.

Finally, I am so inspired by this shot! I love the table – I can’t get enough of the tulip table style and they always seem to be popping up on Craigslist. But what’s really got me is the floors. They look like marble, but they’re stick-on laminate floor tiles from Home Depot! Genius – they look amazing! I wish we could do this here, but we’ve got ceramic tiles, some of which are cracked, that we just couldn’t lay laminate over. If we do do something about them it probably won’t be laminate.

Don’t you love this space? I love the colour!