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So here are some pictures of their current room:

The carpet looks grey or taupe in these pictures – don’t be fooled, it’s green.

And here are some pictures of what it could look like, as I’ve revised the board I made to exclude the citron:

So far I’ve sourced a couple items:

This geometric grey and white chair from Homesense. It’s super deep – P sat on it and his feet were dangling off the front! I also sourced an x-stool with a really great ikat pattern in green, white and grey that my mom bought as well – I don’t have a picture though.

I found this coffee table at Refind on Main street. It is yet to come in and I’m unsure of the dimensions, but I love it!

After we got the armchair to go by the window next to the TV, I realized that having pattern-y drapes probably would be overkill. Instead, I’ve found these great grey drapes by West Elm that have this white edging. They would be very versatile in their house, and aren’t too colourful and loud. Now to find them…apparently not everything is carried in Canada!

I think I’ve come to terms with their style a bit more – there can be pattern, but it has to be in relatively muted tones.

The next main purchase is the sideboard. We found one but my parents hesitated and it was gone – now they know how Craigslist works!