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So I’m really excited about this post, because I’ve put together a board for my parents’ family room a la one of my favourite blogs, Making it Lovely. I’m putting my Photoshop skills to work!

So, I’m working with a few things that I figure my parents won’t want to get rid of. Namely:

1. Their two brown leather couches

2. The green apple painting my dad painted that’s over the mantle (this isn’t it exactly, but same colours)

3. The green rug they bought recently

4. The existing hardwood floors

Given those parameters – green and lots of brown leather – I’ve decided to inject some Citron Yellow, light gray, and white, with hits of black as accents. Currently they have some light wood furniture – two pieces that my Nonno made in the early nineties – that really need some updating. I’ll try to take some pictures tonight and post them tomorrow. They were made for a different room, and don’t quite fit here. Because of their leather couches I don’t want to go with dark wood finishes. I’d rather include some white furniture – the coffee table surface, the side table, the outside of the sideboard – to offset the dark couches.

They have great big south-facing windows that ensure the room has lots of light all day, so I’d like to frame these with some new drapes that bring in all three of the new colours.

Because I’m so in love with grey right now, I’d paint the walls Stonington Grey from Benjamin Moore. And to hit on the grey again, I want to lend them one of my two capiz-shell column lamps – 8 lamps in a one-bedroom apartment is slightly overkill…

Finally we have accessories – the Hive vases in yellow and white and a green lacquer tray to start.

You’ve got hits of black in the drapery rod, the drapes, and the coffee table legs that will tie in with the existing pendant lamps they have hanging in the stairwell, and the colours will still tie in to their kitchen, which is sort of a granny smith apple green in the breakfast nook. I hope they like it – otherwise I’ll be posting a revised version soon!

It has also occurred to me that I could custom-make the drapes with the Tula Pink Parisville fabric I made napkins out of for my mom last Christmas:

From here

It picks up on a lot of the colours I was focusing on, but also brings in some pink and red to soften the look up. The more I see pink the more I like it…we’ll see after I present my ideas tonight!

Wish me luck!