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Just got back from IKEA:

I went there to buy the frames for the Salumi and Pastries posters. I went to Point Roberts yesterday to pick up the new Salumi poster – it’s not damaged – and when I opened the package, there was not one, but TWO free posters inside. One of them was the gelato poster:

From here

Yay! I really like this one. Unfortunately, the other one was the pastries poster again. 😦

So I have three posters for the price of one! I got these frames because I think the rounded corners evoke the stove we have, so hopefully they tie in nicely with the kitchen. They also had some new grey frames that I hadn’t seen before that I thought were nice – I think they’re a new colour.

I also got the napkin holder because I’ve been looking for an envelope organizer for a while – our bills always seem to get tucked into other papers. I might spray paint it. Maybe something unexpected, like a fluorescent or a kelly green – or ooh! I have a nice powder blue, maybe that. I’ll post pics once the posters are up and the napkin holder painted.