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P repainted the cupboards in our kitchen white last summer, and ever since then we’ve been debating (well, let’s be honest – I have) what colour the remainder of the kitchen should be. We collect red Le Creuset pots (got most of them as seconds from Homesense), and since P’s favourite colour is red I got him the KitchenAid stand mixer in Empire Red for Christmas last year…so the logical conclusion was red. But I held back – I’ve always seen red as a very stark colour that ilicits anger or passion, and I didn’t want to go red anywhere in our apartment, I was quite certain of that.

However, as time went on, and I began picking colours for the main living area, I realized that the colour I was leaning towards – a light gray – would actually work perfectly with red in the kitchen. So, red it was!

We repainted the kitchen, living room and hallway the light gray colour (Benjamin Moore Nosegay), and our next step was to find a new kitchen light. We knew that the fluorescent lighting formerly in the kitchen just wasn’t cutting it, so we started looking for new lamps.

First I went to the lighting store near my office – and they were fantastic, providing me with a sizable stack of lighting catalogues that I was allowed to keep! I was ecstatic – that is, until I actually started looking through them. I think I tabbed, maybe, 5 pages total. And one of the pages was tagging the art, sideboard and wallpaper in one of the displays, NOT the lamp. I just found the lamps lacklustre, or too over the top. I mean, it’s kitchen task lighting, I don’t need 30 million crystals!

Eventually I decided that it would be best to go with a classic shape, and so a schoolhouse-shaped light was the best way to go. Here’s a sample of what we were looking for:

From here

We then went to a lighting store on Cambie, and found out that the style we wanted was a whopping $250! Yeah, that wasn’t going to fly with my parents, who were footing the bill. So we decided, on a whim, to go across the street to Home Depot to look for something. I had already been there and nixed everything I’d seen, but we hadn’t been to this particular location so I thought we’d give it a try – and we were so lucky we did! We found a similar pendant lamp to the one we liked, and not only was it only $52 – but they gave it to us for $25 because it was discontinued! Holy moley – 90% off our original choice is not bad! (it also helps to be polite and patient shoppers – teehee!) Here’s the lamp:

The only problem was – it didn’t go with anything in our kitchen. The pendant over our table has brushed steel hardware, and the knobs on our drawers and cabinets are a sort of hammered brushed steel – so the black-ish tone to the lamp was not working for us.

So I decided to paint it red, similar to these green kitchen lamps I saw here:

From here

– and I love how it turned out! No tutorial needed here, I think. Just remember to do light, even coats and you’ll be golden. Plus, we shortened the light to its minimal length so it fits more like a close-to-ceiling light than a pendant.

Now the lamp looks like it was made for the space – and it cost less than $40 to pull off.

What do you think? Would you paint a ceiling lamp?
(By the way, more kitchen pictures to come at a later date!)