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Well kids, it’s not just a wish anymore – we’re having a Halloween Party! Yup, the invitations are sent, the games are drawn up, and the dessert menu is prepped (P’s got some work ahead of him!).

For now I’ll post some inspiration for the dessert details, as well as an item I have my eyes on.

I’m trying to make the party more of a vintage-Halloween vibe – I don’t want bloody arms and legs all over the food, nor do I want a corpse in my bed a la Not Quite Nigella, who throws INCREDIBLE Halloween parties with great ideas for entertainment that I might possibly need to borrow, by the way! No, I’m looking to keep it really shiny and bright, orange and black and simple. I’m one of those people who can get bogged down in the details because I want to find the perfect dessert and the perfect game and the perfect decorations. But I’m limiting myself to (approximately) five of each type of party planning necessity (games, entertainment, desserts, drinks), except for decor which I allowed myself to choose 7 projects. I decided that if I could reuse a project in a subsequent year that it really didn’t count. Haha, at least I’m starting the planning early!

So here are the desserts so far, in no particular order, from pinterest:

1. Blood-filled cupcakes

These were P’s idea. I like these ones in particular because they have lots of brainy/icing goodness.

2. Tombstone pudding

Literally, any excuse to mix pudding with oreo crumbs I’ll take. I could see putting gummy bones in the pudding too, but I’m not sure if their existence is a figment of my imagination!

3. Halloween peep s’mores

Peeps are cool – last Easter we played trivia and my team’s name was “The Peeps”. We won because of our awesome name. Anyway, s’mores are amazing, and I think this idea is genius!

4. Dipped ice cream cones and oreo ice cream

P’s making his famous ice cream – this time with oreos! I already know this’ll be a hit. I want to make festive dipped cones too, just so people don’t forget it’s Halloween-y.

5. Mini caramel apples

I really had my heart set on making caramel apples for the party, but I had two dilemmas: a) I didn’t think people would sit there and eat an entire apple and b) I got these really cute Martha Stewart dessert wrappers at Homesense and I wanted these to fit in them. I’m such a fusspot! Anyway, I found a recipe where they used a melon baller to make miniature apple spheres, so they were both bite-sized and would fit in the wrappers – perfect!

There you go – it’ll probably be some work, but nothing that P and I can’t handle!

I’ve been ogling these Radko Shiny Brite Fraidy Cat platters for a couple weeks. If I’m going to invest in some Halloween decor, I’m going to make darn sure I’ll like it in a few years, and I think their vintage vibe assures that.

Plus I love cats! I think they look really sweet and cheeky, not scary at all. What do you think of them? And what do you think of the recipe ideas?