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I love thrift shopping! Both of my parents would rather go swimming with sharks, but my sister L and I always trekked down to the Superfluity in White Rock to check out the rotation of treasures. I was saddened to hear that the store had suffered a fire during August, and it seems that since then I’ve been on a tear through the local thrift stores here in Vancouver. The feeling of satisfaction that comes with finding a beautiful item among all the trash is like no other. In the past I dabbled in thrift shopping for clothes, but now I’m basically exclusively a housewares buyer, except at Halloween or if something happens to catch my eye.

I want to share some of my favourite haunts, including a place I recently discovered that has to be the most well-organized thrift store I have ever visited (it’s also one of the priciest!).

I generally don’t go to antique stores or “vintage shops” because I know I can get a better deal at other places, if I go at strategic times and can look past all the crap out there. Sometimes I have to walk past the same thing three times before I see it, but I’m willing to do that to score something really interesting – and cheap!

1. The Salvation Army, 4th and Cypress

This is my go-to place, being about 5 blocks from our apartment. Sometimes I’ll go as many as 2 times a week. It’s pretty organized, but small. I got this stuff on my last visit:

I’m on a bit of an Easter kick. I think that an Easter celebration that incorporates some black elements would be really fun – inspired!

2. VGH Thrift Store, Broadway and Main

I went to this place for the first time just last weekend, and it’s 2 stories of…disorganization and chaos. Perfect! I found these:

Is it just me, or does the one on the left look happier?

Again on the Easter kick with the salt and pepper shakers! I also got some glass tumblers to add to my collection – see my post here on my inspiration.

3. The Salvation Army, Granville and 68th

This one is bigger than the one close to me, so it’s got more furniture and a wider selection of everything. I got only one thing there:

I love the green hue with the gold rim – so me right now! I’m using it to house my bracelets and my dangly earrings.

4. St. Vincent de Paul, Main and 11th

I also visited this store for the first time last weekend, and I’ll definitely return. A large array of things – already lots of Christmas items – all at a great price. I picked about 15 of these sparkly things up:

They all have holes in them, I just need to figure out what to do with them…I was thinking a Christmas garland. We’ll see – I’ll keep you posted!

5. McC, 42nd and Fraser

For those people who like to discover amazing deals but don’t like shifting through tons of stuff, I highly recommend this store – it’s organized. However, it is on the pricey side in comparison to The Salvation Army. I got these:

This pretty white ceramic tray with a separate metal platform with handles. Easy to clean, perfect for a bar.

These five green glass bowls will be perfect for condiments, candies at Christmas time, or even candles on the dining table.

I can’t wait until the Superfluity opens again – October is their best guess. In the meantime I’ve got these places to frequent.

Any places you like to go thrifting? Or do you like to keep it a secret so you can keep all those goodies to yourself?