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Alright, so apparently homemade cake stands are nothing new to the DIY world (thank you Martha Stewart September issue!), but I felt inspired by the idea.  I also had a great excuse – two of our friends recently moved into new places, so housewarming gifts were in order! And what a perfect gift – food and a cake stand. Everyone loves cake stands – you can never have enough – and these cost me less than $10!!

First I had to find the right dishes. In most of the articles and blog entries I’ve seen, they recommend going to the thrift store and finding used household items to make the stands. The problem there is that a) you either need to repaint the stand, which could cause toxic paint to get on your food (or you have to always put paper between the food and the plate – LAME), or b) you spend FOREVER looking for just the right thing, which is not the ideal situation at a thrift store, or c) you end up with something that looks…random…and definitely homemade.

I found one fantastic blog (I forget where – boo, I know it’s based out of Ottawa) where the girl painted the base and the bottom of the cake stand, but not the top – genius. All you have to find is a nice plate top. My question though – is it still dishwasher safe? Probably not – I wouldn’t want rustoleum leaking all over my dishwasher and other dishes!!

So, remember when we went for fried chicken and I mentioned Daiso in Richmond? You got it – I bought me some $2 plates and cups and used those. I also used Elmer’s China and Glass Cement which I got at Home Depot for less than $6. This stuff is dishwasher safe, so these cakestands stand up to the Adrienne test of approval. The result is this:

These are made from two tart dishes, a large cup and a small ramekin – $8 for them all.

MAKE SURE YOU LET IT CURE FOR 48 HOURS! I didn’t do this the first time and the larger one popped apart – oops! I had to sand the glue off and start again.

Here’s a pic of them stacked together:

Though these cake stands are both small, they would stack together nicely for a dip in the small one and some crackers or chips in the larger one. You could also use them separately of course – the small one is perfect for a cupcake.

If I didn’t know these were homemade, I wouldn’t think they were. Hurrah for sneaky DIYs!

I love these, they’re so simple and cute. Daiso has such a plethora of appealing china that it was an ordeal paring it down to just these and another I made from a plate ($4 – sad face) and an upside-down ice cream bowl. The options are limitless – they have some beautiful coloured china items that would be wonderful for bases. I’m very tempted to go back – Christmas presents, anyone?

What do you think?