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I have been excited all week over this – West Elm opened their second Canadian location, their first one in Vancouver, just this past Thursday on south Granville – I could die. I have been a fan of West Elm for the past few years, but I never ordered anything from them or went to a location south of the border, so I’d never seen their merchandise close up.

I walked by on Wednesday to snap some pictures of the window displays, but they were having a grand opening party and I felt a bit awkward taking pictures – didn’t want those people thinking I was a papparazo and get chased off the premises! Kidding aside, I went across the street instead and snapped this pic. Sorry about the cars – valet parking, doncha know.

Pretty pretty!

The next night was when the rest of the world could cross the threshold, and I came across so many lovely things that I want to share!

First off were these pretty bathroom trays and toothbrush holder. It’s hard to see it, but the pattern is an iridescent silver. I wanted these so badly, but they don’t come with a soap pump, so I had to say no.

There were also these ones, which have more of a moroccan feel.

Then I saw these vases that I’ve been lusting after ever since I saw them on one of my favourite blogs, makingitlovely.com.

Owls seem to be a big thing right now – they had a huge variety of different coloured owls. Of course, I had to get a pic of the green ones!

They had some beautiful paper hangings from a local Etsy seller.

And from Dahlhaus Studios, which I’ve long-admired on Etsy, beautiful handmade ceramics. Note the chevron pattern – I believe that’s new this season. I’ve had my eye on their teapot in the original blue stripes…

Finally, West Elm’s wonderful selection of dinnerware stopped me in my tracks. Check out these gold-rimmed white plates and bowls – to die for. I’m officially in love, I want these soooo badly! And they’re dishwasher safe!! (Not microwave safe, however, so if you badly need to use your microwave best to stay away and leave these to me…my precious…okay, major nerd moment.)

These blue ones are pretty too (they also had their wave plates on sale, which unfortunately weren’t as nice up close), but I really don’t think they hold a candle to the gold-rimmed ones. Oh, they also come in silver-rimmed (but gold rocks my world, so I’m totally going with that.)

Some gorgeous gold- and silver-thickly-rimmed plates too, to pair nicely with the larger plates.

And some beautiful gold-toned cutlery. Notice the knife isn’t gold on the blade – I read that that’s where the gold usually chips off the knife, so it appears that West Elm has really thought through their products. Love these, but I can’t see them being practical in the long run.

THEN I SAW THESE BOWLS!!! They have what looks like iridescent sparkles on them, reminiscent of the Kate Spade Larabee Road or Market Street lines. They have slightly uneven rims, which match the plates (stacked below) which aren’t perfectly round in shape. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I snapped up 8 of these bad boys up right away, even though I was walking home. (Yes, they too are dishwasher safe.) They put my purchase in a lovely West Elm Vancouver resuable sack and I was off, soon to return (Sunday, perhaps?).

They’re having a 15%-off sale on one item purchased, for the entire month of September, so I recommend heading down there. There is so much more than I took pictures of – these were just the items that really hit home with me. I can’t wait to see what else they carry for fall and I especially can’t wait for their Christmas merchandise! For good measure, here’s one last picture of the dining range I’ve finally settled on – too bad, fiestaware, too bad.