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A few months back I went to a restaurant in Chinatown called Phnom Penh that was known for its fried chicken – considered the best in Vancouver. I haven’t dined much in Chinatown before, so when I indicated to some of my foodie friends that I had eaten there, with, admittedly, a bit of swagger, I was shocked to hear from not one, but two people that this was, in fact, NOT the best fried chicken. The best fried chicken was at Wu Fung Dessert in Aberdeen Centre.

I was surprised. I’ve been to Aberdeen Centre before, to check out the mecca that is Daiso (in sort, a $2 store that has a mind boggling assortment of things, including the most wonderful and varied collection of dinnerware), and although I had occasionally studied with people at Aberdeen in university (hey – I went to UBC), I hadn’t really ordered food there. I’m not afraid of trying new foods…but I’d prefer to do my research before delving into a bunch of unknown restaurants. And unknown they are, because hardly any of the restaurants are recognizable – no McDonald’s, no Mrs. Vanellis’. Only a Vera’s Burgers and a Beard Papa’s (cream puffs, for the uninitiated). The remainder are one-offs, as far as I can tell.

So we went, because I’m not one to pass up on highly recommended food. We got six chicken wings each, which, in hindsight, was probably too much:

I’m kicking myself for not trying something else, but hey. When it’s recommended I go all out.

It was so good. Simple though, just a ginger flavour, but fried to perfection. Plus they fry it when you order, so everything was super crispy and hot. When I was eating I would break the chicken open and have to wait until it cooled down – even on my 6th one!

Anyway, in comparison to the ones at Phnom Penh I would say these aren’t as good. They don’t have as much flavour – Phnom Penh’s have a variety of seasoning while these just had ginger – and they didn’t leave me wanting more, more, more, which was definitely the case at Phnom Penh. Yes, these are bigger wings, but the sole ginger flavour didn’t make it up for me.

Sorry Richmond guys. I know you’ll always consider your Asian food superior to everywhere else in the Lower Mainland, but I’m afraid Chinatown trumps Richmond this time!

What do you think? Have you tried these places? Do you plan to?