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We’ve finally figured out what base set of dishes we’re going to get – Fiestaware!

Geeze, who knew that finding a good quality white table setting would be so difficult! I happened upon Fiestaware from a picture of a bunch of stacks of colourful plates and I was hooked – but not because of the colours. I’m sorry to say, I’m not a super huge believer in really colourful, punchy plates, except accent plates. I love colour everywhere – in my house (orange in the living room, anybody?), on my clothes (I’m known as the girl who wears kelly green or mustard yellow at the office) and everywhere in between – but not on main plates plates.

I think part of the reason is display of food – food just looks better on white plates. I’ve heard the argument for dark coloured plates, but I can only see their use in limited situations – maybe sushi or other lightly coloured food. But no, most every food looks improved on a white surface.

Think about it. These are an investment piece, something you use every single day. You don’t want them to be a colour you’ll hate in 5 years! No, save that for the $3 plates you buy from Homesense. Look how timeless these are:

From here

Classic. Goes with everything. Works for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and summers outside.

It’s super durable, so durable that its counterparts are employed at restaurants. And I just found out that a local store stocks them – Call the Kettle Black. Can’t wait to check out their open stock.