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I have been humming and hawing over what to do about our drinking glass situation – namely, that we’re still using the chipped Happy Hans beer steins that were passed down to me by my Nonna. Happy Hans is now nothing but a silhouette of his once impressive frame *cough* – all that’s left of him on many of the glasses is his white outline. Considering even my grandparents likely got these for free, it’s time to retire them.

Until I’d come across the picture below from eatdrinkchic.com I had been wanting to go the coloured glass route, but I never wanted to commit to one colour – what if I fell in love with something later that completely clashed with my commitment to, say, the turquoise tumblers I saw at Mission Hill Winery in August? So I was all resigned to just go with gray until the gods told me otherwise – and they just did!

I love this idea – I want to implement it immediately – here I come Homesense! Hold on a moment though, I need a game plan, I always need a game plan. I think I’ll get 1 to 4 of each type of glass I see- you never know when you’ll just want to settle down and have a nice normal table full of matching glasses. I love that some of the colours match one another, while others, like the orange, are completely different. This means I can go thrift shopping, shopping at The Bay or just perusing Homesense, find something I love, and get away with taking one home. It’s genius!

On the more expensive side, here are some inspirational pieces I’ve already found:

From here

From here

From here

What do you think? Do you prefer something that matches more?