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So, remember a few days ago when I was falling in love with the Star Glow plates?

Then I went to Homesense. Damn that Homesense! It gets me every time. I’ve stopped getting a cart because I know I’ll just fill it up. And lately – with the Halloween stuff – and me with visions of my fireplace mantle – it’s a combination that’s deadly for my wallet. Okay, maybe there’s some hyperbole in there, but I’m seriously tempted every time I go. You’ll see the results closer to Halloween.

Anyway, I know we need plates – we’ve been looking for them since before our wedding – so I don’t feel so bad buying these. I also saw them in Kelowna and almost bought them, so I know I want them.

Are you surprised – they’re Kelly Green plates! Of course, it is me after all. I love these because they will be wonderful at both an Easter table setting and a Christmas one, and that sort of ubiquitousness is exactly what I’m looking for in a table setting.

They’re also dishwasher safe. Sold!

(Noticed I’m using my real camera now?)

We’re planning to get the Kate Spade Fair Harbor plates in truffle white as our base dinnerware, and I think these greenies will go well with the set.

What do you think? I can’t wait for the holidays!

UPDATE: September 1, 2012

I went to see those Kate Spade plates – and I don’t think I’ll be getting them! They were $79 for the 4 piece set at Bed, Bath and Beyond, which I thought was a little steep for something so plain. Plus, the texture of the plates was kind of rough, like they would be difficult to clean. This was confirmed when I touched the side and the modicum of dirt on my fingers seemed to permanently etch itself onto its surface. No, I don’t think I’ll be buying these.

So it’s back to the drawing board. I’m considering the IKEA Fargrik dinnerware set or the West Elm Organic Shaped Dinnerware set. Since we don’t have West Elm here, we might be going with IKEA. I’m surprising myself by even suggesting that, but there you go. Don’t I sound resigned? I guess I’m just disappointed in Kate Spade. Oh well.