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So I went to Kelowna last week, which was tonnes of fun – but also meant that I haven’t posted in a while! Ack!

Quick post today – I’m totally loving the Star Glow Royal China circa the 1950s 1960s mid-century modern era. Evidently you could once get these at the grocery store as a bonus. We have the same thing now at IGA, but their stuff isn’t nearly so interesting or beautiful.

We’ve been looking for plates since the wedding, but I’m thinking these would be more like accent plates we’d use occasionally. I saw them on the blog makingitlovely.com where she used them for a Fourth of July table setting:

I love this. I’m very much into gold accents these days, and these plates are perfect. However, since I’m Canadian I clearly wouldn’t be using these for the Fourth of July.

I think they’re convincing as stars, snowflakes, and even fireworks – I could see us using them at Christmas, on the first day of snowfall, even on New Year’s Eve. I’ve found lots available on Ebay and Etsy (more expensive on Etsy, of course), but I haven’t seen any available in Vancouver on those sites.

Does anyone know whether they were ever available at grocery stores in Canada? I’d love to get some, but would prefer not to do so through the mail.