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Ta dah! Don’t know how I came up with the idea, but a feather-themed nursery totally sprang to mind the other day. No, I’m not pregnant.

I think it was because I was thinking about the egg mobile that Sarah Richardson made on the last Sarah 101 episode of the season (*sniff*), and how I could TOTALLY make one out of feathers. I bet it would cost under $10 and be awesome. Except if it was windy in the nursery. Then they would just get tangled. Hmm…maybe that’s why I can’t find a good one on Etsy? (I’m afraid dream catchers aren’t my style.)

Anyway, here are my choices for a nursery designed around the feathers theme. I like to start on Etsy and find art that I like and go from there. I love Etsy for art!

1. Etsy – Baby Burp Blanket by SewnNatural: I’m loving the fabric on this – I can just picture it folded across the end of the crib or thrown over the rocker.

2. Etsy – Prints by RiverLuna, a), b) and c): These prints are beautiful, and informed the rest of the room’s colours.

3. Hygge and West – Daydream (Cream) by Julia Rothman: I have been obsessing over this wallpaper ever since I first saw it – probably 5 years ago. I think it’s perfect for a nursery.

4. West Elm – Ryder Rocking Chair: So pretty and almost dainty – a far cry from many rocking chairs (I’m talking to you, Lazyboy!).

5. Ikea – Emmie Rug: What can I say? It complements the prints and the wallpaper and it’s neutral enough to work in other spaces. Sold!

6. Ikea – Gunilla and Evalotta Fabrics: I love Ikea fabrics! So inexpensive yet punchy, cute and interesting. I think Gunilla, the darker fabric, would be pretty on the windows and as an accent pillow on the chair. Evalotta would probably be for the crib linens. (I’m obsessed with the rule of three, however, so I’d probably stick those two in a couple other places – re-cover a lampshade or a stool, more throw pillows, curtain draws – I’d find a way.)

7. Ikea – Malm Dresser: Okay, I’ll be fair – this isn’t a Malm dresser, it’s a Malm dresser with an awesome grid on it via O’verlays! I just discovered this store, where you can buy decorative facings for Ikea furniture – and make them look like a million bucks! I think I’d put two of these together, under the grouping of Etsy prints, and use them as a change table.

8. Babys R Us – Da Vinci Jenny Lind Crib: So pretty and classy, it’ll be in style forever, plus you can totally make it into a bed for your kid when they get older. And it’s cheap!

Just need some lighting and that homemade mobile and it would be complete. And I think this room would be suitable for a girl or a boy. What do you think?