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First an announcement – I won’t be doing as many entries each week as previously planned. I’ll now be doing approximately 3 per week, and they’ll pop up on a more random basis.

Alright. So I love going to thrift shops. Vancouver has quite a few, but the closest one to me is about 5 blocks away – the Salvation Army on 4th and Cypress. Whenever I walk past it I have to go in, and last weekend was no exception.

When I go to thrift shops I don’t usually look at clothes – I know, I should. I have sewing abilities (albeit very amateur ones) and I should be looking for cool fabrics to alter. I haven’t gone there yet, but probably will in the future. Hopefully.

Anyway, one of the last areas I looked was at the jewellery, which is split between the front counter and over by the children’s clothes. And there I saw this:

Which I thought was pretty – and possibly J Crew thanks to the clasp! It was only $1.99, so I snapped it up. If it really was J Crew then I was probably paying 4% of the retail price. Wow.

When I got home I compared it to another resin chain necklace that I bought from J Crew a couple years back – one of my favourite necklaces – and the clasps are similar so it MUST be J Crew, I thought:

Alas, I searched the internet extensively and couldn’t find any indication that the blue one was J Crew. So I decided it was fair game to take it apart and make a new necklace!

First, I took off the rather unwieldy silver-toned clasp:

Leaving only the blue links of the necklace:

I have an old gold-toned necklace that I never wear and that is pretty long, so I put the two ends of the blue links together and strung the gold necklace through:

Then I did the same on the other side with a single link:

Then I joined the gold necklace’s clasps together and voila – a new and improved necklace! It’s now more of a bib-necklace, which I really like:

I wore this to work on Thursday with an orange silk shirt and it looked great – definitely a keeper.

What do you think? Do you make jewellery from thrift-store finds?


P.S. – I’m going to stop using my iPhone to take pictures – I have a digital SLR and I should be using it! Apologies for the poor quality, I intend for it to improve.