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Am I really so predictable that I’d have Kate Spade as my want-to-wear for two weeks in a row?! Sigh. I think I am.

The Frame of Mind Graduated Necklace is a combination of two vivid greens – a kelly green and a turquoise almost-sky-blue that is made greener by its proximity to the true green.

I love the gold against the green. I think I’d wear this with a brightly coloured silk blouse and either jeans or a pencil skirt. Perhaps my green Pink Tartan pencil skirt? Yes, I think so.

But $198.00?? Even for me, a dedicated Kate Spade fanatic, that is too much. Look out for my own version of some Kate Spade offerings in the coming weeks. I’ll be visiting Granville Island’s Beadworks soon to check out what they have, and I plan to craft up some pretty baubles. Maybe nothing a exquisite as this, however.

Man, I want to go to the Kate Spade outlet at Tulalip this weekend…but we’ve still got lots of work to do on the renovation, I can’t just be skipping town even though my instincts tell me to run, run far away from the mess!!