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Back when I was walking to work every day, I’d walk past a store called Brougham Interiors in Vancouver’s Armoury District. I really didn’t pay much attention to the place until I saw this desk in the window – and I was floored:

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It’s so graceful, and it looks beautiful from the front and the back – so it’s perfect for placing in front of a window or in the middle of a room, really the sky’s the limit. And what’s more – it had a giant red SALE tag on it. I had to go in. I walked through the door, over to the desk, lifted the tag…and it was approximately $2,000. On sale. Yeah, not going to happen right now. I found out who the manfacturer was and went home to look up the designer, who is Barbara Barry for Henredon. And would you believe – she actually has a desk that I like MORE than this one!

From here

Yup, I’m obsessed. It’s like the wood grain one but more versatile – I could see it working as either a vanity or a desk.

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How much is this one, you ask? I gather it’s approximately $5,000. I’ll just have to get P to make me a replica. No pressure, P!

Don’t you love it?