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Sorry about not posting this yesterday – we’re going through a bit of construction here at the moment, basically living in one room while the ceiling’s being stripped and the valance torn out in our bedroom. Plus the Olympics have been on – literally non-stop at our place, as I insist upon not learning a single bit of news from the internet – I want to SEE the athletes winning! And not to get all political here, but I was yelling quite emphatically at the screen over the women’s semi final in soccer yesterday. It was an emotional rollercoaster!

Anyway, I’ve been on and on to P about what our next trip’s going to be – yes, we just got back from our honeymoon 2 weeks ago and I’ve been planning it for the past week and a half – so sue me! I like travelling, even if it requires a plane (irrational fear of flying? Check!). However, this trip won’t require any planes!!

I’m putting forward the idea of going to Portland on a trip that is purely food-oriented. A little background here – we LOVE to eat. And we’re basically up for anything. We’ve done food tours in Honolulu (Hawaii Food Tours), Paris (Meeting the French) and Venice (Urban Adventures), and we’re looking to hook up with one in Vancouver (Vancouver Food Tours) in September. My eye is on Portland (if I have my way – I usually do :P). We’re food tour junkies – I honestly think it’s one of the best ways to get to know the people and the cities you visit. What’s better than someone handing you some highly recommended food and telling you some history?

I’d heard Portland was a great city for eating, but according to trip advisor the #1 tour in Portland, and this is over-all tours, not just for food, is with a company called Forktown Food Tours. So OF COURSE I want to check it out! I did some further perusing on trip advisor – i.e. looking at the pictures of the delicious food Food Tourees get to try – and the portions look gigantic. I’m not quite blog-savvy yet, so I’ll have to just tell you about the food instead of showing it to you. All in good time.

From here

1. The wrap from Koi Fusion – Looks like it’s a) something fried and b) huge. I’m in!

2. The burger from Little Big Burger – A whole burger?? Might have to save some for later…P’s not getting his grubby hands on my food! (seriously, we fight over food)

3. Two Tarts Bakery – Looks like each person gets TWO treats?! I feel like they know me already *sniff*.
According to Forktown’s website they take you to between 6 and 8 different places over the course of 3 hours. Wow. That’s a LOT of places, and so much food, if those three stops above are any indication. I’d say 3 hours for a tour is about average, but 6 to 8 stops is more than the 3 to 5 I’ve seen on other tours – kudos to them.

And all in it’s $65 per person, which is a good price, especially for the amount of food it appears you receive. We’ve seen prices topping $99 per person, so this is actually on the lower- to average-side.

They’ve got two tours on offer, one on Friday and the same one running on both Saturday and Sunday. I feel a weekend trip coming up! I’m thinking we drive up Friday and do the 2 pm tour, do the tour on Saturday, then drive back on Sunday and go to the Tillamook Cheese Factory on the way back.

I’m salivating already!