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Many people who know me know of my love for Kate Spade. Her designs are just so poppy and colourful and fun and youthful, but also sophisticated and grown up. Every time I get an email from Kate Spade I find something else that I love and am relegated to pining over – their shipping costs to Canada are exhorbitant and they don’t have a Vancouver store (that would be a dangerous thing).

I got my bridesmaids the Kate Spade Hand in Hand rose gold bangle when I was in Vegas:

From here

And I’ve been totally in love with the Larabee Road Platinum Collection table settings for almost two years, but I think we’re going to opt for something that’ll take lots of wear and tear and be oven safe. Tears. I love polka dots, and the Kate Spade polka dot motif was a major inspiration for the wedding decor, even if it didn’t make it in.

From here

But I’m getting off-track (as usual) because what I’m really excited about is the Kate Spade Cobble Hill Little Minka in Forest. It’s so gorgeous! My friend bought the Little Minka earlier this year, before it came out in green, in the beautiful (and practical) black leather, but the green is exactly the kelly green I’ve been pining over for the past year – I seriously almost have too many clothes in this colour to be able to reasonably wear this bag without any other ounce of green on. At $378 it’s not the type of purchase I’m going to make lightly, but I’m seriously obsessing over it.

From here

Isn’t it lovely? And it comes with an extra long strap, so you can wear it cross body OR over your wrist. And the inside – a snappy black and white stripe.

Both from here

I’m seriously jealous of my friend. I think it’s about time to get a new purse, right? Throw my practical black one out in favour of the green? Urgh, they just had to come out with it right after my birthday…

Anyway, I’d love to be wearing it, how about you?