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Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking: this girl is CRA-ZY!

Green leopard print? Shouldn’t this be relegated to the rejects pile of the tween section at Winner’s? Or the 75% discount swimsuit section at Zeller’s? Or perhaps the dress up drawer where you’ve left your jazz dance gear since grade 8?

No. I’m completely serious. This is going to keep popping up, just you watch.

Now, just to be clear, I’m not talking about green with leopard print, even though that’s a pretty combination (and anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE the green). No. Green. Print. Seriously.

Here’s my inspiration, the gorgeous room on Sarah 101’s second season (that I just watched in its entirety in two days, thank you very much disgusting bacterial infection I contracted on the plane!) called “Grown Up Condo”. When I saw the results of this episode there were two words that kept escaping my lips: “WOW!” and “LOVE!!!”. P can attest to my becoming a blathering idiot. I love green, but this took it to the next level. Sarah does not hesitate to mix varying degrees of green, and it’s never overwhelming or heavy-handed, as usual. Somehow she does airy rooms with bright colours, something seemingly contradictory. LOVE!

From here

First I’m going to point out that little green table in the left photograph – isn’t that precious? It’s so airy and fun, and I love the gold accents (watch out for a project on gold accents next week that I’m really excited about!).

But I digress, because it’s really about the green leopard print today, and that is evident in the right side picture. Yes, it’s only one pillow in the whole entire room, but it’s impactful and fun and stands out just enough that you look at it quizzically for a moment before you realize just how perfectly it fits into a French-style green room. Amazing. I wish I could be that effortless in adding such witty touches. The fabric on the pillow is from a company called Dessin Fournir, Rose Cumming. I really can’t find out much more about the fabric, and the best close-up I can get is this one:

From here

Still love it. 🙂

Alas, my second sighting was on my ever-mentioned honeymoon, when I ran across this picture in an Air France publication:

From here

These are Jimmy Choo sandals for spring/summer 2012. They’re kind of funky, but I can see this fabric jazzing up everything from the trim on a newly upholstered footstool to a boxy cropped shirt.

Two sightings in less than a week? If I see green leopard print one more time, I’m officially declaring a new trend. Take that as a warning, normal leopard print.