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Alright, so P and I just got back from our honeymoon in Europe the weekend before last, and although I could go into a multitude of details, I’ll spare you the food talk until a Monday someday in the future.

Our first stop was Paris, which had weather very similar to Vancouver (ahem – not always a good thing). We took the metro every day we were there, and I kept noticing a) the beautiful and fashionable girls and b) their gorgeous shoes!! By the time we were flying to Venice I knew one thing for sure – I wanted their shoes, and I wanted them now. I told P that they’d be a bargain if they were under $200 and he scoffed – but they were closing to $240 in the airport mall at Charles de Gaulle, including the discount for people travelling to places outside Europe. I found out there that they were Repetto, a brand I’d heard of but never been much interested in pursuing. These shoes had something – the perfect ratio of exposed foot to toe cleavage ratio? I don’t know. Somehow the women in France gave those shoes extra pizzaz that they’ve never seemed to have here at home. However, since we were going to Italy I couldn’t get the discount so I vowed to get them on our way back to Vancouver – but no dice. Not a single Repetto flat in sight in Terminal 3 before our flight back.

So fast forward to now, less than a week and a half later, and I don’t even know if I want those shoes anymore! The glamour lent to them by those French girls has waned, and I’m almost afraid to give myself a reminder of their beauty lest I do decide to pursue them for a hefty $265 CDN and up at my local Gravity Pope (http://www.gravitypope.com/shoes/womens/repetto). Sigh. So for now I’ll resign myself to looking at them. Blue or black leather? I’ll let you decide.

I like the black because they’ll go with everything, but the blue is so pretty, and I find that I’m really drawn to deep blues like that right now. (Just bought me some curtains at IKEA – KAJSAMIA, so new you can’t find them on their website. Sneak a peek at them here.)

Here are some street style snaps I like that feature ballet flats: