So much for witty political jokes. First and last one, I promise.

My name is Adrienne and this is my first post if you didn’t get that from the title – yay! So a little about this blog: it’s going to focus on anything I like with a greater focus on things that are design-oriented, including food/food presentation, clothing, projects I’m working on or have worked on, and inspiration in terms of interior design, which is very near and dear to my heart. Along these lines I’ve decided to deem certain days for certain focuses:

Monday – I’m a foodie!!!

Tuesday – I’d love to be wearing…

Wednesday – Project day

Thursday – Inspiration and trends in interior design

Friday – Funzies (i.e. – whatever I want to do)

I hope to be posting daily Monday to Friday – which means that my first post will be “I’d love to be wearing…”

Fingers crossed this blog-stuff works!